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One out of five children is born with a developmental disability. Although the needs of each child vary, the needs of their caregivers are much the same. Regularly, they express feeling alone, under scrutiny by professional, and emotionally exhausted. Many families we support consist of single parents of low socio-economic status. It is only with your help that we can support parents whose insurance does not cover out, or other, needed services in the community. Our direct staff provide parents with a peer connection, first and foremost, and help parents find the strength the advocate for themselves to access needed services for their family. 


More and more support services are disappearing, leaving these families to struggles on their own. It is impossible to put a price on the emotional support that Parent to Parent is able to provide caregivers, but here are a few examples of how your investment will directly impact families in your community. 

  • An ENDOWMENT gift of $1000 ($84 monthly) would provide sustainability and impact for years to come
  • A COMMUNITY gift of $500 ($42 monthly) would sponsor two community awareness and inclusion programs, allowing us to reach more families and partners
  • An OUTING gift of $250 ($22 monthly) would sponsor one, cost and judgement free, social event for families
  • A CONNECTION gift of $120 ($10 monthly) would sponsor two Parent Mentor Matches
  • A one time gift of $50 would provide four families with Thanksgiving Baskets
  • A one time gift of $25 would provide new resources and educational materials to families

To set up a monthly donation, please contact Jill at or 269-350-2750

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I felt judged as a parent and ostracized from my own community. I choose to give back through Parent to Parent now, because it was the place that gave me the most compassion, acceptance, and love.
- A Parent to Parent Mother
When I see a parent in tears, questioning their ability to support their child, I am so thankful for Parent to Parent, who offers a network of services to support the entire family.
- An Educational Professional
I have worked with many families whom have children with special needs. I see how frightened and worries they are about the future of their precious children. They feel so alone and have so many questions. Parent to Parent is a light on the horizon for them suddenly, they don’t feel quite so alone - someone else gets what they are feeling. The emotional support provided by this organization is unlike anything else provided in our community - everyone there “gets it.” I can’t say enough about the positive impact Parent to Parent has on families’s lives!
- An Early Education Special Education Teacher

You've already made so much possible. Last year, with your help, we were able to:

Offer all services to families free of charge

Connect 31 new families to a Family Support Partner

Connect 59 parents to a Parent Mentor

Support 848 parents in Bronson's NICU

Help 509 individuals find other needed services in the community

Host 24 support group meetings

Hold 10 family-fun social events

Provide Thanksgiving baskets to 43 families

Provide 4 sibshop days

Provide 8 community training events

Train 34 new Parent Mentors

Give out 2 camp scholarships

Check out the video below to see our accomplishments from the previous year!